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My Approach

I apply a wholistic approach to helping people achieve their Highest Potential and experience positive personal transformation in their lives. Knowing how powerful our mindset is in making positive lifestyle changes, I draw upon my degree in Psychology, yoga experience and decades of mind-body research to apply a holistic approach to personal transformation.

My coaching focuses on the essential success elements for living a High Vibe lifestyle. This including balanced nutrition, joyful movement such as yoga and dance, positive mindset focus, elevated emotions, meditation and tapping into universal laws for creating powerful life shifts.

Beyond weight balance and vibrant health, raw vegan nutrition has a profound impact on our mood, consciousness and ability to actualize our innate peak potential. It is also fundamental to creating paradise on Earth.

Combining proper detoxification and living foods nutrition with a balanced yoga practice can rapidly accelerate your healing and awakening process.

Join me in living a High Vibe Life!

My Values & Beliefs

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga is an ancient science for Whole Being Wellness. Using the body as an instrument of consciousness,  yoga poses (asanas) become a moving meditation connecting mind, body and breath. On the physical dimension, yoga not only creates strength, flexibility and balance but also tones the internal organs, glands and nervous system.

On the mental/emotional dimension, yoga sharpens our mental focus - being fully present in the moment. As we tune in to the subtle aspects of our mind and emotions, we allow space for clearing trauma, limiting beliefs, subconscious habits and patterns. Clearing the path for inner transformation, we dive deeper inside to discover our full human potential and our True Nature.

Ideal Nutrition

A well balanced raw and living foods nutrition plan helps us create success on multiple levels. We are what we eat, and when we feel our best, we live our best life. Ideal nutrition can revitalize our physical body, boost our mood, give us clarity of mind, balance our emotions and elevate our state of consciousness. Choosing the highest quality organic foods is one of the best investments we can make in this life.

Weight Balance & Healing

I believe ideal weight balance is part our natural genetic blueprint, which can be activated when we live in alignment with nature. I also believe that healthy living restores balance in mind, body and soul, promoting healing on all levels.

In essence, the best way to achieve sustainable weight balance is to become as radiantly healthy as possible on every level. This is achieved through ideal nutrition combined with other essential lifestyle elements including joyful movement, positive mindset, fresh air and sunshine, adequte rest, harmonious relationships and fulfilling life purpose.

Spirituality & Peak Potential

I believe our physical health significantly affects our ability to cultivate our spiritual practice, or sadhana, and express our peak potential. For example, the health of our organs and glands, such as the pineal gland, is optimized through detoxification and ideal nutrition. Whether we require a relaxed supple body to sit for meditation, an open heart for devotional practices like prayer or a super clear focus to achieve our goals, all of this is enhanced when we experience optimum vitality.

Conscious diet and lifestyle choices help to raise our overall health and vitality. This increased vitality enhances our spiritual practices and increases our receptivity to subtle spiritual frequencies. As we develop spiritually, we activate higher states of physical, mental and emotional health which raise your awareness even higher. It’s a divine circle, spiraling us upwards and High Vibe Life is here to help you make that connection.

Self-Actualization & Service

One of the greatest experiences in this human life is to achieve such a state of balance and abundance that we are super fulfilled. From this place we naturally feel inspired to share our knowledge and fulfillment with others and create opportunity for everyone to experience paradise on Earth

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